Ringworm (also known as Dermatophytosis) is an itching skin disease, actually infection, which occurs in circular small patches. It’s caused by the fungus that grows in red rashes, developing in the layer and epidermis of the skin. The common ringworm symptoms are itchy skin and red rashes with a typical ring shape.

Although the treatment commonly includes antifungal drugs or creams, there’s a hidden secret to get rid of the pesky fungi on your skin. It implies a natural remedy from garlic. Since it contains antifungal called Ajoene, garlic can treat different fungal skin infections. What about ringworm? Does garlic work for that troublesome skin infection? Keep reading and find out.

Benefits and Uses of Garlic

Many people use garlic exclusively in the kitchen as a seasoning or an ingredient in a variety of meals. Unfortunately, they are not aware of numerous health benefits of this powerful herb.

Garlic is very helpful for blood system and heart health. In fact, it reduces the chance of heart attack, while lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. Moreover, this plant can prevent flu, improve the immune system, and treat health conditions such as asthma, hemorrhoids, diabetes, and so on. Garlic can also be used for treating fungi associated with infections like Jock Itch, Athlete’s Foot, and Ringworm.

How Does Garlic Affect Ringworm?

Despite the fact that usage of garlic for ringworm isn’t backed by clinical studies, no one can dispute its curative effect. What’s more, many people have had the positive results and managed to get rid of this skin infection with help of garlic. Others have noticed significant improvement after using this natural remedy.

Yes, garlic is definitely an effective treatment when it comes to ringworm. Thanks to its powerful anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, this cheap remedy can treat a lot of ailments and conditions, including ringworm. Those healthy properties are mainly attributed to a compound referred to as Allicin. That chemical compound makes the garlic beneficial for ringworm and other conditions. It also gives the garlic a characteristic pungent smell, which makes many people avoid using it. However, it’s possible to use garlic for health purposes without being disturbed by its smell.

Keep in mind that it works for ringworm with the limited success rate in most cases, though. In fact, garlic can affect ringworm in two ways when applied on the affected skin area. It either prevents infection from developing further or kills fungi altogether. That mostly depends on the type of ringworm, i.e., the kind of fungus that caused infection, symptoms, and diagnosis.

Also, the effectiveness of this natural remedy is much higher in initial phase than in advanced stage of the disease. It’s advisable that people with more severe infection use an antifungal cream (like miconazole or clotrimazole) from the beginning, as it is proven to have a stronger effect on ringworm. For less severe infection, garlic could be quite effective alike.

How to Use Garlic for Ringworm?

There are three main ways to use garlic for ringworm:

  1. Make a home remedy by yourself
  2. Buy a ready-to-use garlic essential oil
  3. Eat raw garlic

Let’s check out each of these application methods.

Home remedies

Garlic can be used in different ways for home remedies. Here’s one simple-to-make remedy from garlic and how to apply it:

  • Cut 10 garlic cloves lengthwise in half and put them in a bowl. Let it lay aside.
  • Apply those fresh garlic cloves on ringworm patches. You should actually rub them onto the skin area affected by ringworm.
  • Make sure to use one garlic clove per patch and discard the cloves as they get used.
  • Ask someone to help you apply the garlic cloves onto your back and other hard-to-reach areas. To prevent contagion, your assistant needs to wear disposable latex gloves.
  • Cover each ringworm patch with a sticking plaster or a bandage as it gets dry.
  • Repeat these steps up to three times a day for the best results and make sure not to wet the patches.
  • More home remedies: Ringwormtreatmentsblog.com/home-remedies-for-fungal-infection

Be sure to apply this simple remedy for 7-10 days, after which most of the ringworm patches are likely to disappear. Garlic is capable of killing smaller ringworm patches in about 12 hours, whereas the bigger patches may take longer.

Here’s another garlic based remedy for ringworm. For this remedy you will need the following things: garlic, honey, olive oil, mortar, pestle, and measuring cup.
Just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

To prepare the blend, you should press a few garlic cloves by using a mortar and pestle. Add three ounces of honey (0.1875 pounds) and the same amount of olive oil to the garlic. Crush and mix it well.

Step 2:

Apply this paste to the affected skin with fingers and massage it gently. Then leave it for about 90 minutes. You may cover the patches with an adhesive bandage to ensure that the remedy is in well attached to your skin.

Step 3:

Once the paste gets absorbed completely, rinse it off with warm water.

You are advised to apply this remedial paste 3 times daily every 8 hours or so to get rid of the ringworm symptoms. Repeat this treatment diligently each day till the ringworm rash completely fades away.

Garlic essential oils

Applying these garlic home remedies is slightly messy and time-consuming as well. That’s why you can purchase ready-to-use garlic products in a form of oil, such as:

These products are not only more convenient to apply but also very effective when it comes to ringworm.

Raw garlic

Finally, you can eat raw garlic every day; up to four slices of fresh garlic will be quite enough. Otherwise, you may add garlic to other meals that you’re preparing if you don’t want to eat it directly. Note that it’s not as effective as aforementioned topical application methods.

Side Effects

If you eat garlic in large amounts every single day, the side effects you may experience include diarrhea, heartburn, gas, and nausea. As for the topical application on the skin, possible side effects are kind of like burns and they usually appear when overusing the remedy for a longer time. Stop applying the certain remedy if you notice these symptoms or find a different product here Ringwormtreatmentsblog.com.

Regardless of the method you’ve chosen, it’s highly likely that you will notice the first visible results shortly after a couple of days. If you don’t experience any improvement after 10 days, try to find more effective remedy or treatment that works best for your condition.


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