Ringworm is a fungal infection which is very common. The good news is you can treat the infection with over the counter products. This article will review Phytozine as a treatment option.

Our Phytozine Product Review

Buy Phytozine Organic Ringworm Treatment, Eliminates and Cures Infections
Phytozine is a topical ointment which can be bought over the counter. This means no appointments necessary. It is currently available on Amazon and has free delivery for prime members. You can order the cream in the comfort of your own home and receive it the next day!

Phytozine is said to be one of the fastest acting treatments. Reports made that eliminates ringworm immediately. It is important to note that you may have to use this cream for 2 weeks to be certain that it has treated the infection.

How does it work?

Phytozine contains the ingredients needed to kill fungal agents. It contains a blend of organic elements along with minerals. These ingredients work together with tolnaftate. Tolnaftate is the active ingredient which is so powerful it kills all fungal agents. It contains antiviral properties which is exactly what you need when treating ringworm.

Phytozine has been formulated to specifically eliminate the fungi which causes ringworm.

It is made to work fast as it is understood that customers will want to treat the infection as quickly as possible. Many customers can see results within days of application

What other ingredients are in this cream?

You may be wondering what else is used to formulate this cream. As well as the most important ingredient tolnaftate there are organic ingredients. These ingredients include camphor, menthol, tea tree oil and lavender oil.

These ingredients are mentioned as natural home remedies. The bonus is that you will benefit from all of these ingredients by making one purchase. The organic ingredients not only help treat ringworm but leave your skin feeling moisturized. They have a soothing effect with a pleasant smell.

What are the side effects?

Phytozine is a very safe cream to use. Due to its natural ingredients this leaves very little chance of side effects. It is safe to assume that there is no real risk of negative effects when using this cream. This is unless of course you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

This cream can be used during pregnancy and with other medications. It may be your port of call to speak with your doctor prior to use for peace of mind though.

Pros and Cons

Phytozine has specific ingredients to treat ringworm. It is one of the most effective and quickest treatments options. The ingredients are natural which means there is no risk of side effects. The natural ingredients such as tea tree also give a pleasant smell. Phytozine can be used for treating the scalp, there are little over the counter treatments which allow this.

We have made a summarized list of pros and cons. This should help you decide if phytozine is the right treatment for you.


  • Contains Tolnaftate – active ingredient which kills fungal agents (FDA approved)
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Relieves symptoms and quick results
  • Available for free next day delivery to Amazon prime member


  • Needs to be used for up to 2 weeks to fully treat infection even if you are experiencing fast results
  • May need to purchase another tube
Treatment For Ringworm

How do I use the product?

  1. Ensure the infected area is clean and your hands are washed.
  2. Gently apply phytozine on the affected area evenly.
  3. Wash hands following application to avoid spreading the infection.
  4. Allow 3-4 minutes for the cream to absorb into the skin before covering with clothes.
  5. Phytozine can be applied twice daily.
  6. Note: this cream can be used on the scalp. Some treatments available cannot be used on ringworm affecting the scalp.
  7. Phytozine can act fast. However ringworm can be very stubborn. It is best to use this cream for 2 weeks for best results. This will ensure the infection is treated and avoid reoccurance.

Why choose Phytozine?

As you have discovered phytozine is an effective treatment option for ringorm. It has no side effects due to being formulated with natural ingredients making it safe to use. Phytozine can be ordered at home and delivered the next day making it hassle free.Eliminates and Cures Infections

The cream is one of the most quick and effective treatments for ringworm. It is combined with many natural remedies. These remedies are advertised as separate treatment options. This means it has more fungal fighting elements than most other treatments. So why hesitate in buying a cream that has them all combined?

If purchasing the product from official website you will be entitled to a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with phytozine in this time you can get a full refund by calling customer support. This should give you confidence in its effectiveness. There are many positive customer reviews reporting the effectiveness of this cream. Customers are surprised at how quickly it works. They appear to generally be happy with the purchase.

We hope this article has helped you decide whether phytozine is for you. We understand that ringworm is not something you may wish to discuss in person. We hope this has reassured you that you can treat the infection by using your own resources safely.

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